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Chm Decompiler v3.80 - for Windows

  • Decompile a CHM Html help file or CHM ebook quickly and easily.
  • Recover the .HHP project file perfectly.
  • Extract Alias and Map files from the CHM file.
  • Decompile all MS CHM files / CHM ebooks in batch processing.
  • Extract a/any files from a chm file or chm ebook.
  • Convert any chm files to html freely.
  • Manage CHM Html help file like a zip file.
  • An excellent CHM file viewer or CHM file reader.
  • Integration with Windows shell.
  • Multilanguage support, the interface of the program can be changed to Croatian, Danish, Deutsch, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese.
  • Built-in chm files decompiler with batch processing.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


What is ChmDecompiler?
ChmDecompiler is a decompiler for .CHM file. With ChmDecompiler, you can convert any .CHM files to .htm easily, and you can extract any/all source files from the .CHM, even the .HHP project file can be recreated perfectly! All Alias and Map definitions will be recovered, too.

How does it work?
Simply select an .CHM file, press the 'Extract selected from a .chm' or 'Extract all from a .CHM' button, select a folder for output, and in a short time you'll get all source files of the .CHM file (these soure file are saved in the folder you've selected)! With ChmDecompiler, you also can decompile .CHM files in batch processing: select "Batch decompilation" from the file menu, and select the in/out folder that contains Chm file or ebooks ,then select a output folder, press the 'Start' button, all ebooks are decompiled quickly.

What can I do with it?
Extract all source files from a Chm file or ebook, then you can edit and recompile those source files, that's all. ChmDecompiler support decompile .CHM in batch processing, and it's also a 'CHM Reader' or 'CHM Viewer'.

What is the system requirement?
You will need a Pentium 100 PC or higher, 16MB RAM or more. The operating system should be Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0,Windows XP, or Windows ME, and MS internet explorer v 4.0 or above installed.

Does ChmDecompiler use a lot of hard disk space?
No! ChmDecompiler is very small so please have no worries about the hard disk space for ChmDecompiler, but you should make sure you have enough disk space to save the extracted source files!

How can I see another language on the ChmDecompiler screen?
Simply click the 'Language' menu, choose the language you'd like, then you can choose a new language. ChmDecompiler can automatically load any *.lng files, so you can change a *.lng for a different language or just edit it.

Is your online order form secure?
Yes, it is 100% secure.

Do I have to pay for the upgrades?
No! All upgrades are free to registered ChmDecompiler users.

Is tech support free?
Yes! It's free for all.

What happens after I send in the order?
You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after sending the online order form. Then, within 24 hours, you will receive a second email with your registration name, code, and instructions to get started!

If you do not get your code... or if you've lost it . please email us at Please include your name, address, email address, and order confirmation number (if you have it). We will be happy to help you.
When registered correctly, the "buy now" button and "register" menu will disappear from the program's main screen, and then you can use all functions of ChmDcompiler.

What is the differrence between the registered version and unregistered version?
Unregistered user cannot use 'Batch decompilation' properly - all extracted files will have no content in them. Unregistered version of ChmDecompiler can only extract files of the source files one by one, if user uses 'extract all from .CHM', there will be some warning string at the end of the extracted file (that is to say, if the file is a .exe, it will not work properly).

I'm a registered user, but when I run ChmDecompiler today, I find it has been turned to unregistered, why?
1. ChmDecompiler.exe has been infected by virus or it has been changed by some person illegally, reinstall it after checking your system for virus, then reenter the registration code, it will be a registered version.
2. Your registration info saved in some files has been changed, just reenter the registration code, please.

What is a .CHM file?
.CHM file is 'Compiled Windows HTML Help files' of MS.

What is Batch Processing?
A batch processing system is one where programs and data are collected together in batch processing before processing starts. 
Each piece of work for a batch processing system is called a job. A job usually consists of a program and the data to be run.

Jobs are stored in job queues until the computer is ready to process them.

There is no interaction between the user and the computer while the program is being run. Computers which do batch processing often operate at night.

I have more questions - who should I write to?
Please send your additional questions to

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Pad files for submition:

PAD file of Chm decompiler (.xml) (.Htm).

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